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Why we Recommend Roofing Shingle Repair before Roof Replacement

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Roofing contractors conducting shingle repair

One of the most important parts of your home is the roof. Though we usually don’t think about our roofs until something happens, we need to consider how important they are to the safety and security of our families and possessions.

No one likes a leaky roof nor the thought of having to replace one. There are times, though, when you do not need to replace the entire roof. Granted, most people will pay what it takes to fix their roof because of the importance of its integrity, but it isn’t always required.

If you notice watermarks on your ceilings or walls, your roof is in need of repair, but luckily for you, you may only need to replace a shingle or two. By looking into roof shingle repair first, you can save money and time to make your roof leak-free.

Research Roofing Companies

A lady taking notes while answering a phone call

If you are going to go with a roofing service, instead of trying to do the job yourself, take your time and look around. When talking to a prospective roofer, especially if you think the problem is small, ask them if they do roof shingle repair. If they immediately suggest that a complete roofing job is needed, without seeing your roof, you might want to set them aside and keep looking.

Customer service is essential, and some roofers aren’t overly concerned with doing roof shingle repair. Why? Because replacing the whole roof is where they are going to make their money. Since homeowners don’t usually need their roofs replaced more than every couple of decades, repeat business is not a big concern to some.

Also, for any job that concerns your roof, don’t make your choice according to the lowest price you can get. The term “You get what you pay for” is NOT what you want when it comes to your roof. If a potential roofer is giving you a low quote, there is a very good reason why. Don’t chance it.

When it comes to the structure covering your home, the choice is in your hands.

DIY Single Shingle Roof Repair Warriors

A man carrying out shingle repair work

If you want to fix your roof yourself, roofing shingle repair is going to be a lot easier than working on a complete roof and will cost you less. And if we are honest, lowering the cost is usually the reason people choose to repair their own roofs.

If you already have asphalt shingles and only one layer of them, you can place the second layer right on top. Adding a second layer could save you lots of time and money, even if you wanted to cover your entire roof.

Though this is an easy fix, there may be a deeper issue underneath the first layer of shingles that you would miss. A roofer who does roof shingle repair would take the time needed to inspect the area and repair any damage underneath the shingles in the problem area.

If you want to do it yourself, take a look at the area and if it seems like a simple job, go for it. If you are not sure, call a professional at Zups Construction.

Use the Best Shingle and Roof Repair Materials

Shingle and roof repair materials

Numerous types of shingles can be used to cover your roof and protect your home. GAF shingles are shown to be a favorite of roofing contractors, roofing inspectors, and even homeowners, even to the point of some people swearing by them.

GAF shingles have been shown to have excellent durability, and when installed they give multiple layers of roof protection.

Home inspectors, when reviewing GAF shingles versus other types of shingles, have stated that the GAF shingles are more wind resistant up to 130 MPH, and impact-resistant (think of the massive tree in your yard falling on your roof—that’s impact). Homeowners like GAF shingles for the reasons mentioned above but for a few others as well:

  • GAF shingles are affordable for every price range.

  • There are multiple choices to fit the aesthetics of the homeowner for beautifying their homes.

  • Upgraded warranties. When a certified “Master Elite” roofer does the job, the warranty is better.

Roofing Shingle Repair in a Nutshell

broken roof shingle

Whether you are repairing a known broken roof shingle or replacing some that are cracked and could be a problem later, there are steps that will show roofing shingle repair to be easier than replacing your roof.

  • A day of moderate temperature is an excellent day to tackle shingle repair, not only for the roofer but for the materials. If it is too warm, it can be difficult to break the shingle sealants, and if it is too cold, your brand new shingles could crack and become useless.

  • Remove the shingle and the nails that are holding it down. There should be eight nails total, and you will need to lift the shingles above it that may be covering nails. Safety tip: Get a magnetic strip and make sure to put the nails on it to make sure they don’t fall off the roof.

  • Be gentle when prying up the damaged shingle to make sure you don’t damage other shingles in the process.

  • Once you have completed removed the damaged shingle and nails, slide the new shingle into the open area. Once it is in place, nail down, starting with the center row, and continuing in the pattern in which you removed the old nails.

Making sure you have all the tools and materials needed will make your job easier and faster. Below is a list of required tools and materials:

  • Hammer

  • Shingle Nails

  • New shingles

  • A magnetic strip to keep the nails from rolling off the roof

  • Gloves

  • Any other materials needed according to the shingles you buy

Need Help Replacing a Shingle? Call Zups Construction

Roofing shingle repair is a great way to keep the integrity of your home as well as saving time and money. It is a job that you can do, but calling a roofer can save you work and get the work done right the first time. Before you get started, call Zups Construction and get the information you need to move forward.

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